Sketches and performances at a residency in Finland (2019)
(Graphite and watercolor on paper, laserjet printouts, video documentation of performance, video projection, and GIFS) 

In 2019 I designed a sentence generator with Matthew Hollett after U.S. propaganda campaigns like these. Informed by June Jordan's Problems of Language in a Democratic State (1982) and Michael Warner's Publics and Counterpublics (2002), in which he points toward "a way of imagining a speech for which there is yet no scene, and a scene for which there is no speech."  (A sequel to some medals I made in 2009)

Public speech must be taken in two ways: as addressed to us and as addressed to strangers...the trace of our strangerhood remains present in our understanding of ourselves as the addressee.” –Michael Warner

Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson traveled from place to place creating site-specific earthworks. In 1973 Smithson was my age when he died in a plane crash while surveying the site for Amarillo Ramp. “Isn’t it extreme? The state of a person who puts themself in a room with salt and mirrors!? How to exist alongside all this material?” Going public means building a structure through which others enter, either by force, or going public means building a
partially buried woodshed.