MMXXI (ii) Trailer, 2:07 min, color, sound, MiniDV to mp4, 2021

Preview of my second 60 min MiniDV tape shot with a 2002 Canon ZR45 camcorder. I performed all the editing in-camera in the course of my daily life. ~Swiss-Cheesing~ is what I call randomly scanning back and forth on a tape and dropping new video (holes) through old footage. The mp4 transfer is a snapshot of a tape that continues to change. Swiss-Cheesing is a non-linear editing technique with a catch: recording a new shot destroys a segment of equal length. This tape is a sequel to MMXXI.


Free of the limits of time and space, I put together any given point in the universe, no matter where I’ve recorded them. –Dziga Vertov

It's not nostalgia, it's              unfinished business...