Still Life/ Selfie/ Interior/

                  Cityscape/ Collage

Digital and 35mm photos taken through my window and collaged inside my phone, 2021

Sinking Ship/Crystal Day

1:47 min, sound, digital video

A compilation of my dirty windows resembles film grain alongside bursts from the 1970 CCR song "Up Around the Bend." It's January 20, 2021.

What's Done is Done

1:05 min, sound, digital video

Excerpt of an unfinished video incorporating the final scene from Lina Wertmüller's 1975 movie Pasqualino Settebellezze (Seven Beauties). It's January 1, 2021.

Six Photos

30 sec, sound, digital video loop

There are six layers of glass in the picture: your screen, two sides of the bottle, my window, car windows, and windows across the street. The bottle makes a sound every time it “hits” the screen. Based on looking at Michael Snow’s Of a Ladder (1971) and Glares (1973). It's February 16, 2021.

Please Play Simultaneously