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In 2019 I designed a sentence generator with Matthew Hollett after U.S. propaganda campaigns like these--> 

Informed by June Jordan's Problems of Language in a Democratic State (1982) and Michael Warner's Publics and Counterpublics (2002), in which he points toward "a way of imagining a speech for which there is yet no scene, and a scene for which there is no speech."

Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson traveled from place to place creating site-specific earthworks. In 1973 Smithson was my age when he died in a plane crash while surveying the site for Amarillo Ramp. “Isn’t it extreme? The state of a person who puts themself in a room with salt and mirrors!? Going public means building a structure through which others enter, either by force, or going public means building a partially buried woodshed.

Public speech must be taken in two ways: as addressed to us and as addressed to strangers...the trace of our strangerhood remains present in our understanding of ourselves as the addressee.    –Michael Warner

 A sequel to the medals I made in 2009

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