December 2021

The short Vine compilation that I call One 2014 Minute will be included in the Diminuto Festival in Mexico City and Paris, online and in person TBD (Nov 29–Dec 19). 

November 2021

Q+A about my sentence generator published in Digital America Issue no. 18

A GIF-based video of my 2020 phone collages will screen at the Vertifilms Festival in Prague.

October 2021

October 22, 8pm EST: MMI (Seven Variations) will stream during the Columbus Moving Image Art Review broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

My MiniDV video MMXXI will play at the Punk Cinema Festival Athens: Sewer, Friday October 1, 2021

37°57'16.2"N 23°41'24.1"E
(go down the stairs and walk North from here)


September 2021

Landscape collages included in the 2021 EXPERIMENTO BIO online exhibition.

MMI (Seven Variations) will be screening in public for the first time ever at the Pugnant Film Series Vol. 8 in Athens, Greece on September 3, and at Microacts 9 in London, UK on September 9.

August 2, 2021

MMXIV, my 2014 Vine compilation, will be streamed during LKTV Season 2 by Lino Kino Video from the city where I posted my first Vine. 6pm EDT program on Twitch: 🏺 twitch.tv/linokinotv🏺

July 2021

An interview about my landscape collages featured in Analog Cookbook Issue 4

July 12: a photo I assembled in 2021 is included in this online still life exhibition at Analog Forever Magazine, Temporality and the Still Life.

December 2020

Photo-Collages published by Caesura Magazine