Two Video Errors, MiniDV, 7:11 min, sound, 2022

This video contains unexpected transfer errors of the same MIniDV footage I recorded at the Ásmundarsafn in Reykjavík. The metal-evaporated cassette had likely coated the camcorder tapehead with debris that interfered with the transfer.

I performed the editing in-camera using a method I call "Swiss-Cheesing"—randomly scanning back and forth on a tape, dropping new video through old footage. “Swiss-cheesing” a tape is like making a strip of Barnett Newman paintings, every shot/stripe has a different space-time relationship to the video surrounding it.

The title of this 2022 exhibition—Loftskurður—a collaboration between Rósa Gísladóttir and Ásmundur Sveinsson—translates literally to “air cutting” (“spatial Infractions”).