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MMI (Seven Variations)

2:39 min, sound, color, MiniDV. 2001/2021

In 2001 I used a Mini DV camcorder to record my first digital videos, creating accidental juxtapositions without knowing where I was on the tape when I pressed record. In 2021 I started remixing this "found" footage to imitate this process. These clips combine shots from a MiniDV [MiniD(ziga)V(ertov)] tape from 2001. Thirteen years later I used Vine for this kind of thing.

Because of its hybrid quality—digital video stored on tape in a linear sequence—DV camcorders enable a chance-based editing process I call "Swiss-Cheesing"— scanning back and forth on the tape at random to record new video (holes) through old footage.

canon camcorder.png
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